You can view a general walk through video on appointments and scheduling here, which also covers how to set up your work schedules.

Work schedules can be used to specify things like office hours and on-call hours for internal use, as well as to set which hours are available for online appointment scheduling via the Patient Portal, as well as which appointment types are available during specified periods.

Before you can set up work schedules for a particular provider, you must set up your list of available appointment types.

Then, to set office hours or on phones hours:

  • Click any open time to open the Schedule New Event pop-out and set the appointment type to In-Office Schedule OR
  • Click on the Work Schedule icon in the upper right-hand corner of the calendar when in DAY view.

This will direct you to a Who is Available? pop-up.

Note that you should only have ONE work schedule for a specific provider and period of time. Overlapping work schedules may cause errors where certain availability is not shown correctly. If the provider offers different appointments at different times of day, you would set up back-to-back work schedules with the different appointments that are available. For example, if a provider only does new patient visits in the morning, you might set up a morning work schedule that included new patient and follow up visits, and an afternoon work schedule that just included follow up visits.

Who is Available

Check who will be available
Select the provider(s) who will work during the specified time.

Check What Visit Types

Select which appointment types will be available during the specified time.

Help with creating your list of work-schedule visit types found here.


Add a title, or use the default title. This title appears in the background on the EMR side and is used for informational purposes.

Event Details

Add notes about the work schedule, if desired, which will appear in the EMR when hovering the mouse over the work schedule in the calendar.

Event Recurs

Generally, a work schedule would be set to recur each week, and would be set for each day of the provider's work week. Work schedules can be set to recur until a date that is a maximum of 2 years from the start date.

Note that once a recurring event has been created, you may edit or delete individual instances, but cannot edit the whole recurring seriesIf you need to edit the series (for example, to add a new visit type that patients can schedule), you will need to delete the series, then re-add it with the new details.

To edit or delete an existing work schedule, right-click on the schedule in the calendar pane and choose Edit. This brings up a similar pop-up to the one used for creating work schedules, with buttons at the bottom to let you edit or delete the event. For recurring events, you may edit ONE occurrence, delete ONE occurrence, or delete ALL occurrences. To edit a recurring series, you must delete the full series and re-add it with modified details.

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