You can view a general video on appointments and scheduling here, which also covers how to set up your work schedules.

Work schedules can be used to specify things like office hours and on-call hours for internal use, as well as to set which hours are available for online appointment scheduling via the Patient Portal. For practices with this feature enabled, you can also specify which appointment types are available during specified periods.

Before you can set up work schedules for a particular provider, you must set up your list of available appointment types.

Then, to set office hours or on phones hours:

  • Click any open time to open the Schedule New Event pop-out and set the appointment type to In-Office Schedule (or On Phones Schedule, if this is one of your appointment types - if not, and you want it, let us know) OR
  • Click on the Work Schedule icon in the upper right-hand corner of the calendar when in DAY view.

This will direct you to a Who is Available? pop-up.

Screen shot Who is Available? pop up

Check who will be available
(check boxes) – this lets you select the users associated with the work schedule. Work schedules can be associated with everyone within the practice, an individual provider, or any combination of providers. If you allow patients to request online appointments through the patient portal, this will set the available hours for providers associated with the schedule.

Check What Visit Types (checkboxes) – this allows you to set which appointment types are available during the scheduled period. This determines what patients are able to schedule during the specified period. Note that it does not limit what you can internally schedule via the calendar/scheduling page - allowed visit types are informational only on the EMR-side.

Help with creating your list of work-schedule visit types found here.

Title (free text field) – the title automatically populates with the event types available (or Allow: Available if all event types are selected), but the text may be edited. The title will appear as the name of the calendar event on the background of the calendar pane. Including allowed appointment types in the title is useful for seeing at a glance what patients may schedule via the Portal during specified hours, as well as for internal informational purposes in multi-user practices.

Event Details (free text field) – a place to add additional details to the event. The details will appear when the event is hovered over in the calendar pane.

Event Recurs (drop down menus) – allows users to set a recurrence for the event. The current recurrence tool allows for a repeat every day, week, or month. So, to set recurring office hours, e.g., M-F, you would need to create weekly recurring work schedules for each day of the work week. When you set a recurrence, you will also be prompted to set an end date. Note that once a recurring event has been created, you may edit or delete individual instances, but cannot edit the whole recurring series. If you need to edit the series (for example, to add a new visit type that patients can schedule), you will need to delete the series, then re-add it with the new details.

From/Until (calendar dates) – the start and end date and time. The time can be specified by typing manually or by using the calendar pop-out.

Click the green +Add Work Schedule button to schedule the event.

To edit or delete an existing work schedule, right-click on the schedule in the calendar pane and choose Edit. This brings up a similar pop-up to the one used for creating work schedules, with buttons at the bottom to let you edit or delete the event. For recurring events, you may edit ONE occurrence, delete ONE occurrence, or delete ALL occurrences. To edit a recurring series, you must delete the full series and re-add it with modified details.