Cerbo supports automatic recurring subscription billing via your Stripe integrated merchant services account.There is no limit on the number of different custom subscription plans that you can create.

Adding New Subscription Plans

Add a new subscription plan in the Admin menu under Manage --> Subscription Plans. Give your plan a display name and a unique ID (these may be the same thing). Specify the amount that should be charged and how often - options are weekly, monthly, and yearly, with a maximum interval of every 1 year.

You may add a trial period if desired, which delays the subscription start date by the specified number of days. Then add a description and click "+ Add this Subscription Plan." Once added, subscription plans may only be deleted or edited via your Stripe management console.


How Subscription Payments Work

The patient's subscription begins on the date that you assign that patient to the subscription plan. Thereafter, charges automatically recur at the interval specified for the assigned plan. So, if the plan you select recurs every 1 month and you assign a patient to that plan on April 19, charges will automatically run on April 19th and on the 19th of every month thereafter. If the start date is on a date that is not in the current month (for example, you added the patient to the plan on the 31st and the current month only has 30 days), the charge will occur on the last day of the month.

To see when the next subscription payment is set to occur for a particular patient, hover over the subscription plan name in the Billing block's title bar on that patient's dashboard page.

If an automatic payment fails, the system will retry based on rules that you set in Stripe.

If you have webhooks set up in Stripe and a subscription payment is overdue, an alert will appear on the calendar page of your EMR in an Error tab within the Tasks block (the Error tab is hidden unless there are any errors to display).

Adding/Editing a Patient's Subscription Plan

Assign a patient to an existing subscription plan using the Current Subscription drop down menu in the Billing Info tab of the patient's Patient Information pop out.

A patient must have a credit card on file in order to be assigned to a subscription plan. However, the credit card on file can be deleted even though a patient is part of a subscription plan; the next subscription charge will fail if a new credit card has not been added before the automatic payment is set to occur.

Change a patient's subscription plan by selecting a different plan from the Current Subscription drop down menu. Note that this does not change the billing date. At the moment that you change the patient's plan, the system charges or refunds the difference in price between the two plans, prorated according to when in the billing cycle you make the change.

To see when the next subscription payment is set to occur for a particular patient, hover over the subscription plan name in the Billing block's title bar on that patient's dashboard page.

Cancel a patient's subscription by selecting [No Subscription] from the Current Subscription drop down menu. 

Setting up Recurring Payments with a Stop Date

It is possible to set up recurring payments that will end after a specified number of payments - for example, to help patients cover costs with a payment plan.  To do this, set up the subscription as normal - how often you would like payment and for what amount - under Admin > Manage... > Subscription Plans.  Then, when you assign the subscription to the patient, choose the number of payments you would like to process from the "Automatic Cancellation" drop down menu. The patient will be charged for that number of payments, after which point the subscription will stop collecting payments.

NOTE that subscriptions in MD HQ are designed for recurring membership subscriptions, and not for payment plans. This is because a patient's subscription payments are automatically paired with corresponding subscription charges, and are not available to apply to other charges for services or purchases.

Removing or Editing Subscription Plans

Your custom subscription plans can be deleted via your Stripe management console. Except for the name, existing subscription plans cannot be edited either via the EMR or via Stripe. To make a change to a subscription plan, you will need to create a new plan, transfer existing patients over, and then delete the old plan.

Note that if you delete a plan, patients who are subscribed to that plan will still be charged on a recurring basis until their subscription is cancelled, i.e., a different plan or [No Subscription] is selected from the Current Subscription drop down menu.

Continuing Subscription Payments after Replacing a Failed Credit Card

Generally, if you update a patient's credit card information within a few days of the initial credit charge failing, the subscription will go ahead and charge as normal with the new card information.  The subscription will generally process within a day or two of adding a new card.  You can look at your settings in the Stripe management console to see how long this period is before the subscription charge is marked as failed.

If the subscription payment is long overdue, the overdue invoice will show up in the Billing tab on the Overdue Invoices tab.  Once the a new card is added, hit the "Retry Payment" option to rerun the subscription.  More info here.