Portal Pages

The Patient or Client Portal is a platform for you to view your health records and securely interact with your healthcare providers. It's up to your provider which specific features to include, so every feature listed below may not be available. 

However, pages that may be included are:

  • My Account Details - securely view and update your personal information, photo, and insurance details.
  • Secure Messages - send secure electronic messages to, and receive secure messages from, your provider's office.
  • Request Appointment - submit an appointment request online and view your upcoming appointments.
  • Invoices & Payment - securely view and pay bills and invoices, and add payment information.
  • Labs & Documents - view lab results and other documents shared with you by your provider, as well as upload a document.
  • My Vitals - view and add vitals readings (like blood pressure, height, and weight).
  • My Allergies - view and add your allergies.
  • My Medications - review and update your medication list and request prescription refills.
  • My Supplements - review and update the supplements you are taking.
  • My Vaccine Record - securely view and update your vaccination record.
  • My Pharmacies - designate (or change) preferred and primary pharmacies.
  • My Visit Summaries - view summaries of past visits with your provider that your provider has shared with you, including recommendations or follow up information.

Accessing the Patient/ Client Portal

When to Contact your Provider's Office for Help

  • You need to update your name, date of birth, or email address on file.
  • You cannot remember the URL/ web address of the Patient Portal.
  • You have a question about your provider's recommendations, appointment availability, your next appointment, or documentation/ information that you are seeing, expect to see, or would like to see on the Patient Portal. Or if you have any questions about clinic protocols and procedures.

When to Contact Patient Portal Tech Support

If you're having technical issues with the Patient Portal, and you cannot find the answer in these online help pages, please click the link at the bottom of the login page to "Contact Cerbo Technical Support." Please provide us with as much specific detail as possible in your help request.

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