You will not be able to reset your Patient Portal password if the information that you enter (email address, postal code, last name, and date of birth) doesn't match what your provider has on file for you. Potential issues to be aware of:

  • The email address that you enter to verify your identity has to be the one that is on file with your provider, which in rare cases may be different from your username (which is the email address that you used to register online).
  • If there is another patient with the same email address on file, you won't be able to reset your password until the duplication is removed.
  • For U.S. zip codes, just enter the first 5 digits, not 5 + 4.

Check what you entered and try again. And, if you still have problems, contact your provider to make sure that the information on file is correct and Patient Portal access hasn't been accidentally disabled.