Send Secure Message screenshot

To send a secure message to your provider, click on the green secure message button at the top of your secure messages inbox. Type your subject in the subject line, and add the text of your message in the large text area.

You may have the option to select who you would like to respond to your message, and how you would prefer a response be sent. 

If no response is needed, you can check the box to "Mark the conversation as closed." This automatically archives the conversation when you click "Send" (note: archived conversations can be viewed by clicking on the "Show All Conversations" button near the top of your secure messages inbox). 

You may see a required acknowledgement checkbox at the bottom, for example notifying you that there may be a charge for your provider's time spent reviewing and responding. If so, you will need to check the box to proceed.

When you click "Send Message", your message and any special instructions are encrypted and transmitted to your provider.