*NOTE - the specific options available on the Patient Portal, instructions, and certain other details differ from one clinic to the next, depending on the clinic's preferences and customizations. This article provides general information about this Patient Portal page, but the design and specific details may vary for your clinic's Patient Portal, or the page itself may not be available.

If your provider provides the option to request an appointment via the Patient Portal, this may be set up in a few different ways. 

The most common way is one where you would first select the provider that you want to see, then the desired appointment type, then select from available date(s) and time(s):

When you select the preferred date, you will be shown available times:

You can click on any green time to select that as the start of your requested appointment. Grey times are not available. Times marked in green and grey diagonal stripes are available, but are not long enough for the appointment you have selected (and so cannot be selected as the appointment start time). Once you select a time, a text area will appear for you to provide more information, then click the REQUEST APPOINTMENT button to submit your request.

Note that an appointment request made via the Patient Portal does not mean you have a confirmed appointment - the request must be reviewed and approved by your provider's office. Generally, practices will send you an email notification when the appointment is confirmed. You may cancel a pending request by clicking on the Remove button beside the request:

Any upcoming appointments that you have already on the calendar will be shown as an Upcoming Appointment at the top of the Request Appointment page.

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