*NOTE - the specific options available on the Patient Portal, instructions, and certain other details differ from one clinic to the next, depending on the clinic's preferences and customizations. This article provides general information about this Patient Portal page, but the design and specific details may vary for your clinic's Patient Portal, or the page itself may not be available.

The Invoices & Payment or Billing page is generally where you can:

  • View your current account balance
  • Review your billing statement (full history of charges and payments)
  • Download or print invoices, estimates, and receipts that have been made available to you

If your provider's office chooses to include credit card payment functionality, you can also: 

  • Securely add or edit your credit card information
  • Make a payment online (if you have a balance due on your account)

Your current account balance appears at the top of the page.

  • A negative balance indicates that you owe money
  • A positive balance indicates credit in your account.

If the option is enabled and you have a balance owing on your account, you can click "Make a Payment" to securely make a payment online. Designate how much to pay, add billing information, and click submit payment. Note that the payment will be submitted immediately. To cancel a submitted payment, you will need to contact your provider's office.

Click "View Statement" to view or print your entire history of charges and payments.

Click "Print Invoices" to print invoices or receipts that  have been generated and shared for you, including any insurance invoices or "superbills" (for submitting to your insurance company for reimbursement). Invoices are not generated automatically, so if you do not see the invoice you are looking for, contact your provider's office to request that the invoice be created and shared via the Patient Portal.

Invoices are saved in HTML format. If you would like to download a PDF format, you should be able to print (by right-clicking and selecting Print or by hitting Ctrl + P on a PC), and select PDF as the "printer" or "printer destination".

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