This provides general information about the My Medications page on the Patient Portal page. The design and specific details may vary for your clinic's Patient Portal, or the page itself may not be available. *NOTE - the specific options available on the Patient Portal, instructions, and certain other details differ from one clinic to the next, depending on the clinic's preferences and customizations. 

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Depending upon the options that your clinic has enabled for their Patient Portal, you can go to the My Medications page to:

  • Add the medications that you're currently taking
  • Review the medications that your provider has on file for you and view prescription details (click on any medication in the list to view dosing information and instructions)
  • Request a prescription refill

Your current, unexpired medications are shown at the top, followed by a list of any medications that are expired, marked as discontinued, or that were not originally prescribed by the clinic but were prescribed elsewhere.

Add a New Medication

Click the ADD A NEW MEDICATION button to add another medication you are taking to your medication list. Search in the provided search bar by whole or partial words/ numbers, and select the specific medication and dosage from the matches that appear:

If you do not find a match for a medication you're taking, send a secure message with that information to the clinic so they can make sure your medications are up to date.

When you add the medication, that appears as a pending request on the My Medications page until the request is reviewed and accepted to your chart by your provider's office.

Prescription Refills

If a prescription is expired or will expire soon, and if your provider accepts online refill requests via the Patient Portal, you can request a refill by clicking on the "Request Refill" button to the right of the medication. Doing so will bring up a box where you enter any special instructions, check to indicate that you've read any required notifications from your provider, and click "Submit." The refill request then appears as a pending request awaiting provider review. You can cancel a pending request by clicking "Remove."

Once your provider processes the refill request, the pending request will disappear, and the medication will appear in your medication list.

No Medications

If a patient is not taking any medications, they can indicate as such by clicking the checkbox that says "I am not currently taking any medications." 

A window to Update Your Medication List will appear allowing patient the option to provide any relevant notes as to why they are not taking any medications currently.

A nudge, or alert, can be set up for this page where an exclamation mark is shown on the Medications icon in the portal menu if patient has not entered anything or checked the box to indicate it is not applicable.


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