Create a faxable/printable prescription from the + Complete and Add Rx dialogue, by clicking "+ Complete & Fax to Pharmacy" button to add the prescription to the plan and create a faxable/printable form.

Or, once prescriptions are added to the note (or directly to the medications block):

  • Fax or print a single prescription by right clicking and selecting "Create Fax"
  • Fax or print all prescriptions in an encounter note from the Plan menu by clicking "Fax Rxs"
  • Fax or print a selection of prescriptions from the Medications block by checking the boxes beside the prescriptions that you want to include, and selecting "Create Faxable Form" from the Manage Checked Rxs drop down menu in the upper right

*** Regulatory note: controlled substances prescriptions cannot be sent via fax and, depending upon your state, may need to be written or printed on special paper or be subject to other specific requirements.