When you're inside of a SOAP note the various informational blocks that are available from the patient dashboard are all still there, but by default they appear collapsed to make room for the main charting section of the page. To expand a block just double-click on the title-bar of the block and it will expand to its normal size and move above all the minimized blocks (but it will appear below any blocks which have already been expanded). To minimize an expanded block simply double-click on title bar of that block and it will minimize and move to the bottom of the column of minimized blocks.

Once you've configured the page to suit your purposes you can save your configuration as your default layout selecting Preferences > Save Layout as Default from the top menu. This will save your preferred SOAP note layout so all future SOAP notes will open with that specific layout. You can change this layout at any time for a specific note (using the double-click method) or you can re-save your preferred layout if you find another layout you prefer to use as your default.

Saved Layout Preferences are set on a per-user basis, so it will not affect the layout of other members of your practice.

For more information, and a demonstration of how this works, you can review our tutorial video here: http://www.md-hq.com/resources/videos/introduction/ - the section on ordering blocks starts at minute 3:50.