If a provider's encounter notes should be co-signed by another user - for example, a supervising physician - their user profile can be set to allow or require them to request co-signature when signing a note.

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Any user can be set up as someone who must or may have their encounter notes co-signed by another provider, for example a supervising physician. Co-signature requirements are set up on a per-user basis under Admin > Manage > Users.

Co-signature options are generally based on what is selected for that user for "Does this user require a co-signature when signing encounter notes."

  • Never = co-signature options do not appear when that person signs an encounter note.
  • Can Request = co-signature options appear but co-signature is optional
  • Always = co-signature options appear and they must select a co-signer.

* Optional configuration note: co-signature can be optional in general for a user, but required for any of that user's notes that contain specific CPT codes and/ or specific prescriptions or alternate plan items in the Plan. This would be set up by special request to Cerbo.

A default cosigner for a user can also be set in their user profile under Admin > Manage > Users.

When a co-signature is requested, the note appears signed with a "Pending Co-Signature" label. The co-signature request appears in the designated cosigner's task list OR in the task list of every authorized cosigner if "Request Co-Signature From: Any Authorized Provider" is selected.

Cosigning a Note

Authorized cosigners in Cerbo are users who:

  • Have a Role of Provider or have an NPI on file and
  • Are not set to require co-signatures.

When someone cosigns a note, they can:

  1. Sign and leave the original signer as the provider of record for the encounter, with themselves as cosigner.
  2. Sign and take ownership, leaving the original signer as a cosigner.
  3. Sign and take ownership, removing the original signer from the encounter note signing record.

When the note is co-signed using options 1 or 2 above, it will show in the top right-hand corner both the signed date and user and the co-signed date and user. If option 3 is used, it would just show the cosigner as the note signer.

Co-signing cannot be undone. But if the note is unsigned, both the signature and co-signature will be cleared.

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