• Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+shift+r
  • Quick Add prefix: rx_
  • Search database by: drug name, brand, ingredients, strength, delivery method, form (tab, cap, etc.)

To manually add a new prescription to a note, click "add prescription" in the plan menu or hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys and press "r". Search in the field provided for the drug namebrandingredientsstrengthdelivery method, or form. Partial words or numbers are fine and the system will search as you type. By default, the search will return drugs from your preferred short list. If none match, or if you enter a “+” in the search bar, it will instead return all matching entries from the full VA National Formulary database. When you select a prescription, you will add or edit prescription details, and then click "Complete" or "Complete and Fax" to add it to the note.

Once a prescription has been added, you can right click to renew, discontinue, replace with new, delete, or edit the prescription, learn more at Medline Plus, or create a faxable form. Also see Medications help.