• Keyboard shortcut: Ctrl+shift+o
  • Quick Add prefix: or_
  • Search by: title, subtitle, category, code, nickname, description

To manually add orders (labs or scans) to a note, click "Add/Schedule Orders " in the plan menu or hold down the Ctrl and Shift keys and press "o". You can select from the patient favorites and common orders that appear automatically below the search bar, or type to search for the order title, subtitle, category, order code, nickname, and/or description using whole or partial words. The system will search the full order database as you type and will, by default, return results from your preferred short list. If none match, or if you enter a “+” in the search bar, it will instead return all matching entries from the full code set.

By default, any diagnoses in the encounter note when the order is added will appear in the order form. Remove a diagnosis from the form using the [x] button to the left of the diagnosis. Add diagnoses using the search box provided. Add notes, if desired, or leave default text.

Once an order has been added, it appears in the note and in the Open Orders block.