• Quick Add prefix: ch
  • Search by: name, nickname(s), Billing code

To manually add charges, click the plus button in the Charges box. Then search for a charge by all or part of the charge's name or nickname(older builds), or barcode. The list of available charges can be modified in the administrative section.  If you would like to add charges with a barcode, go to admin > manage charge list > and add charge.  In this section you can enter the sku number in the nickname 3 section or for newer builds enter the sku number in the sku field so that you can utilize a scanner for scanning and applying charges.

We support a number of different USB barcode scanners. 

Once the charge has been entered into the charge list database with the appropriate SKU number, you can call up and charge this item by opening the charges box and scanning the item you would like to charge to the patient.

Once it has been added to the note, right-clicking on a charge allows you to edit, remove, or refund it. Note that charges are the only part of the note that remain editable after the note is signed.