Open Orders pop upThe Open Orders block shows all orders for the patient (e.g., labs, scans, etc.) for which results have not yet been uploaded. You can right click on any open order to:

  • Mark as complete (removes it from the Open Orders block but does not associate it with a results document)
  • Remove it without marking it as complete (use this option if the patient will not fill the order)
  • Delete the order
  • Create a fax form with the requested order that you may print, fax to the appropriate facility, or save to the patient's file and, if you'd like, share with the patient on the Patient Portal
  • Send the order electronically if you have an HL7 sync with any labs

You can also manage multiple orders by checking the box beside the orders that you would like to manage and selecting from the Manage Checked drop down menu:

  • Faxable Form - creates a form with the checked orders that you may print, fax to the appropriate facility, or save to the patient's file and, if you'd like, share with the patient on the Patient Portal.
  • Send to Lab - sends checked orders electronically to a lab with which you have an HL7 sync.
  • Assign Documents - matches open orders with a results document, either one that you have already uploaded to the patient's documents or you can upload a new document from your hard drive. Note that if you want to match an efax or imported results document to open orders, you can do this from the relevant document in the incoming fax queue or the imported results queue, respectively, both of which are found on the schedule page.

You can also add new orders via the Open Orders block by clicking on the plus icon, though orders are more typically added via an open encounter note.

Order Status

You can set the Order Status for any item shown in the Open Orders block by clicking on the lab order to bring up the Add Results window. In that window, you will ignore the Specific Results, Upload Results File(s), and Flag as abnormal parts, and focus in on the Order Status drop down menu:

Use the Order Status drop down to select the desired status (configuration note, this status menu is configurable. Contact Cerbo support with a requested list of Order Statuses to customize this list).

You will want to make sure that Save copy of results as report (as document) is UNCHECKED, and Results are Pending - Keep as order is selected (configuration note: both of these defaults are configurable. Contact Cerbo support to request a change to either or both default selections).

Then click + Add These Results to update the order status.

To set the order status for multiple open orders, check the boxes to the left of the orders in the Open Orders block, then select Set Order Status from the Manage Checked drop down menu.

Re-Open an Order that was Removed or Marked as Abandoned

If an open order was removed/ marked as abandoned by mistake, you can re-open the order by clicking on the pop-out/ double box icon at the upper right of the Open Orders block. Any orders that were removed/ marked as abandoned will be shown struck through in the list. 

To reopen, click on a struck through order to open the Add Results window:

In that window, uncheck the box "Save copy of results as report" (if it is checked), toggle from "Order is Finalized" to "Results are Pending", and click on + Add These Results to save and move the order back into the Open Orders:

Generate Usage Report on Orders

To see a usage report for an entry in your Orders/ Labs Database, go to Admin > Manage > Orders/ Labs Database, search for the order that you want, and then click on that order to open the Modify window for that order.

At the bottom of the pop-up to Modify Order Entry you will now "View Usage Report on...."

You will be able to set the date parameters that you want  included on the report.