The Open Orders block shows all orders that have been added for the patient - for labs, imaging, referrals, etc. - that have not been closed or matched to a results document.

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The Open Orders block shows all orders for the patient (e.g., labs, scans, etc.) that are still open, i.e., results have not yet been matched to them, or they haven't been manually resulted, removed, or marked as closed.

Order Status & Managing Open Orders Task List

You can assign any open order a status. That status is shown in the Open Orders block and in the Open Orders tab of the task list (where you can click on that Status column to sort by status).

Assign a status by checking the box(es) to the left of the order(s) in the Open Orders block, and selecting "Set Order Status."

Closing Open Orders

Most commonly, orders are closed by matching them to incoming or uploaded results documents.

But they can also be closed manually:

  • From the Open Orders block in the patient's chart. Check the box(es) beside the orders, then use the Manage Checked drop down menu to select "Complete! Results are filed!" or "Remove (Pt will not fill)". Or, the Delete option if appropriate to delete entirely from the chart (e.g., added by mistake).
  • In the Open Orders tab in the task list. Check the box(es) to the left of the order(s), and use the Manage Checked drop down menu at the top left.

NOTE on selecting a range of orders/ multi-select: in the Open Orders task list, you can check the box for an order at the top of a range of orders you want to select, then holding down the shift key on your keyboard check the box at the bottom of the range to check the boxes for top and bottom and all in between.

Reopening an Order

If an order was closed by mistake, you can re-open it.

If it was closed by matching it to a result document, you can open that document and uncheck the corresponding order(s) box(es).

If you cannot easily find the matched document or if it was closed manually, you can reopen it from the open orders history. That is found by clicking on the double box icon at the top right of the Open Orders block.

Click on the test name that you want to re-open.

That will open the Order Status/ Add Results window:

To reopen the order:

  1. Remove the document associated by selecting No Document Associated under "Upload Results File(s)", if applicable.
  2. Uncheck the box for "Save copy of results as report" if it is checked.
  3. Select "Results are Pending - Keep as order"
  4. Click SAVE.

Sending Orders

Orders can be sent to the lab, imaging facility, or external specialist's office in a few ways:

Orders Usage Report

To see a usage report for any order, open that order entry in Admin Admin > Manage > Orders/ Labs Database. At the bottom of the pop-up to Modify Order Entry window, click to "View Usage Report on...."

You will be able to set the date parameters that you want included on the report.

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