Cerbo integrates with several labs to enable easier ordering and importing of lab results. Labs integrate with us on one of two tiers: 

  1. Two Way/ Bi-Directional - Electronic ordering interface AND receive results via integrated electronic/HL7 feed
  2. Results Only/ Unidirectional - Ordering electronically via e-fax or paper requisition, receive results via integrated electronic/HL7 feed
We are working to expand our offerings in this area, so check back to find additional integrations as they arrive.

Two Way Integration

Two way integration provides an electronic lab ordering interface, as well as import electronic lab results directly into the Imported Lab Results block on the schedule page. The following labs have a two-way integration with Cerbo:

  • Access Medical Labs 
  • Accu Reference
  • American Esoteric Labs (AEL)
  • BioReference
  • Boston Heart
  • Cole Diagnostics
  • CPL
  • Direct Labs
  • Empire City Labs
  • Enzo Clinical Lab
  • Finlay Lab
  • Health Images
  • Interpath Laboratory
  • LabCorp
  • Lincoln Diagnostics
  • Medical Diagnostic
  • MACL (Mid America labs) - Part of Quest
  • PathGroup
  • Path Ref
  • Premier Medical Laboratory
  • Quest
  • Sunrise / Inova Reference Labs
  • Treasure Valley Lab
  • True Health (formerly HDL)
  • UVA Medical Lab
  • Veridia (formerly Singulex)
  • Vibrant America 
  • West Pacific Medical Laboratory

Results Only Integration
Results only integration allows you to receive lab results directly into the Imported Lab Results block on the schedule page. They do not support electronic ordering, so you will continue to order labs as normal (e.g. electronic fax order forms). The imported results bypass the need to import each lab result as it arrives and the data comes in as structured data, rather than as a fax image. The following labs have a results-only integration with Cerbo:
  • ClearView Labs
  • Cleveland HeartLab (two way coming soon)
  • Doctor's Data
  • Genova
  • NorDx
  • Path Labs
  • Precision Analytical (Dutch)
  • Select Laboratories
  • UNMC Regional Pathology Services
  • VCS Test
  • VirtualClinic

In Progress
We are continually working to set up partnerships with additional labs.  If you have a lab that you work with and would like us to develop an integration, please connect us with a good contact at the lab so we can explore what is needed for an integration.  Please note that some labs do not support integrations, or may not have the capacity to develop an integration at this time.