Because replacing a prescription adds a new prescription to the patient's file, it should be done in an open encounter note unless the replacement is just for administrative purposes or to keep track of a prescription replacement that happened in the past. In the encounter note screen, restore the Medications (Rxs) block if it is minimized by double-clicking on the Medications (Rxs) title bar.

Replace a prescription by right-clicking on the applicable entry in a patient's Medications (Rxs) block or Rx History pop-out and selecting "Replace."

You will be prompted to select a replacement medication using the rx smart search field provided, and to enter prescription details for the new medication. You will also be prompted to indicate why the old medication is being discontinued. When you click Complete Replacement >> Finalize Discontinue, the old medication will be marked as discontinued and the new drug will be added in the patients Medications (Rxs) block (and to the encounter note if the replacement is done with an encounter note open).