For any medications that you have prescribed to a patient, you can create a prescription form that is suitable for printing, e-faxing to the pharmacy, and/ or saving and sharing with the Patient via the Patient Portal.

Creating the Prescription Form

You can create this printable/ faxable/ savable prescription form for single prescription, all prescriptions in an encounter note, or for multiple prescriptions that are not all in one encounter note.

For a Single Medication

To create a faxable/ printable/ savable prescription form for one (1) medication: 

  • Right click on the medication name in the encounter note Plan box or the Medications block and select Create Faxable Form from the drop down menu that appears 
  • Check the box to the left of the prescription in the Medications block and select Create Faxable Form from the Manage Checked drop down menu.

For Multiple Medications

If all of the medications were prescribed in the Plan of an encounter note, then you can hover your cursor over the Plan (Rx/Orders/Vaccines) box and select Fax Rxs from the menu that appears.

Otherwise, you can work from the Medications block: check the boxes to the left of the medications that you want to include, and select Create Faxable Form from the Manage Checked drop down menu.

Editing the Prescription Form

Every part of the printable/ faxable/ savable prescription form, except for the page header, can be edited by clicking on the text. This brings up a simple text editor, where you can make changes then select Apply to accept your changes.

If your state requires an actual physical signature from the prescribing physician - AKA a "wet signature" - you can click on the Clear Signatures button at the top of the page, print the form, and sign manually.

* Optional configuration note: by default, multiple prescriptions will be shown on one page. That can be changed to one prescription per page by special request to Cerbo.

Choosing a Pharmacy

At the top of the faxable form, a drop down menu labelled Fax will be sent to is populated with the patient's preferred pharmacies.  Choose the pharmacy they would like and press the Fax Form button at the top of the page.

If the pharmacy you're looking for isn't one of the patient's preferred pharmacies, select the Search for Additional Pharmacies option in the drop down menu. Search for the pharmacy in the search bar that appears. Select the pharmacy that you want, and press the Fax button at the top of the page to transmit via efax.
If you do not see expected results in your search, try adding a plus sign + to the search to expand it to the full nationwide pharmacy database.

If the pharmacy you are looking for isn't included in your overall pharmacy list, you can add it to your pharmacy list and then select it from the smart search bar, or select Other: Type in Fax Number and manually add the fax number to the form. Once the number is entered, press the Fax Form button at the top of the page.

Lastly, you can select None: Patient Will Choose from the drop down menu. This will not send the form as a fax. Instead, press the Print Form button at the top of the page and give printed prescription to the patient to take to their pharmacy of choice.

A Note on Access

By default, only users with DEA or NPI numbers may prescribe. If a user with a DEA or NPI number creates the order for a prescription (e.g. via an encounter note), an admin user without a DEA/NPI number will be able to generate and fax the form. However, if an admin creates the prescription (e.g. under orders from a doctor) they will not be able to fax the form as well. To bypass this for practices who need this functionality, contact us to set up an alternate option where admin users are given permissions to send the fax and prompted to list who the prescribing authority is.

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