You can renew an existing prescription for a patient to quickly create a new prescription starting from the old prescription details.

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If the patient still has refills remaining under an existing prescription, they can go directly to the pharmacy for those refills. Once they are out of refills, you can renew a prescription to quickly create a new prescription that is pre-populated with the previous prescription details. 

Renew a single prescription by right-clicking on the applicable entry in a patient's Medications (Rxs) block or Rx History pop-out and selecting "Renew".

Renew multiple prescriptions by checking the box to the left of each one in a patient's Medications (Rxs) block, clicking on the "Manage Checked Rxs" drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the block, and selecting "Renew Checked Rxs."

If you do this from inside an encounter note (by expanding the Medications block at the right of the note), then the renewed prescriptions will be in the Plan of that encounter note.

In the prescription renewal window:

  • + Complete will add a prescription to the medication list, and the Plan of the encounter note, if applicable.
  • + Complete & Fax will open an editable prescription form suitable for faxing or printing (see also Create Faxable Prescription Form).
  • + Complete & eRx will bring up the window to route the prescription to the pharmacy via eRx (if you have eRx capability set up or have delegated eRx authority under a prescribing provider). If the Complete & eRx button is greyed out, the prescription may still be routed via eRx. If you add it using the + Complete button, you can then right click on it or check the box and use the Manage Checked drop-down to select the Route as eRx option.

The renewed prescription will show as the most recent instance of that prescription medication in the patient's Medication list, with updated start/ end dates. And you can expand that Medications block to see all past instances of that same prescription.