Complete and Add Rx Screenshot

For any prescription, you can save the prescription details - amount, number of refills, instructions, etc. - as a dosing profile so that you can more easily pull up the prescription with those prescription details in the future. You will be able to set a default profile that auto-populates when the medication is prescribed in the future, and/or secondary profiles that would be easily selectable.

To save a new profile, begin to add the rx for a patient (or a test patient, if desired), entering all of the prescription details. Then select "Save Current Settings as a New Profile" from the PROFILE drop down menu at the top.

You will be prompted to:

  1. Enter a descriptive name (which auto-populates with key details from your prescription),
  2. Designate whether the dosing profile should be global (available to all in the practice) or personal (just for you), and
  3. Designate whether it should be the default profile (which will auto-populate whenever that prescription is added in the future) or a secondary profile, which would be available for selection in the PROFILES drop down menu.

Then save the profile to finalize. You can save any number of dosing profiles for a particular prescription. Multiple secondary profiles would all appear as options to select from using the PROFILES drop down menu.

To edit an existing profile, you can simply save a dosing profile with the updated information, and then use the PROFILE drop down menu to select Manage Profiles. Within the Manage Profiles window, you can delete any previous dosing profiles that you no longer want.