You can enter or edit text in a notes block (Need to Know, Admin Notes, Social Notes) by clicking on the block's edit icon Pencil Iconor by double-clicking in the text area. This will open a “what you see is what you get” (WYSIWYG) simple text editor.

WYSIWYG Text Editor and Key Save changes by clicking on the save icon or cancel by clicking on the cancel icon Close Icon.

To view changes or information from past saved versions of the notes block, can click on the history icon History Icon. This option is only available when the block is not open for editing. You can copy text from a previously saved version by selecting the text in the history window and using the right-click menu or pressing Ctrl+C. The text can then be pasted into the notes block or any other free text field.

In the Need to Know block, set a prominent notice in the Patient Information section or by clicking on the notice icon Notice Icon at the top of the block.