When new results come in, you may want to notify the patient. MD HQ allows you to indicate how the patient was notified (by phone, in person) and also allows you to actively notify the patient via email or the patient portal. For security reasons, it's generally better to use the portal for transferring medical information, so we encourage you to use this feature.

When reviewing a document, if the patient has portal-access enabled, you'll notice a "Notify by portal" option next to the Notification section:

Use the portal to inform patients about new lab results

Simply click this option and a new text box labeled "Send notice about this document via portal" will appear. Any text you enter into this field will be sent to the portal as a secure message as soon as you save the document. Once a notice has been sent, any time you open the document in the future the notice that was sent will appear as an additional notes field on the document review screen.

*Note: once a notice is sent you cannot re-send a notice about the same document. If you need to send a follow-up notice about the document to the portal, simply use the normal "send message" function.

MD HQ also allows you to create a set of default messages that you can pull up, so you don't have to type your common notifications each time. To create (or use) preset messages, simply use the drop-down menu that appears under the new "Send notice..." text box. You can create as many presets as you would like.

Set preset messages to send to the portal

To use a preset message, just use this same dropdown message (a shortened version of the preset messsage will be shown in the dropdown after you've created it). Once it's selected, the content of the preset message will populate the "Send notice..." text field where it can be edited/customized before sending.