The Past Med Hx block in the patient's chart shows diagnoses and notes that you have added to the patient's past medical history.

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You can mark diagnoses as Active/ Chronic Active/ Inactive/ Chronic Inactive, and add notes for each diagnosis. Those different statuses are displayed differently in the PMH block. And there are different Chart Part text variables for pulling all diagnoses in the PMH block into the encounter note, versus only Active/ Chronic Active status diagnoses. So you can use diagnosis status options in the PMH block to additionally track the patient's Active Problem List.


Hover over an entry in the Past Med Hx block to view its status (active, chronic active, chronic inactive, inactive), and any notes that have been entered about that entry.

Pop out the expanded Past Med Hx management pop out by clicking on the double box icon at the upper right of the Past Med Hx block. In the expanded view, you can sort diagnoses by dragging and dropping and/ or edit the notes. Changes made in this view carry through into the Past Med Hx block.

Add a Diagnosis to Past Med Hx

Add a new item to the patient's past medical history by:

  • Clicking on the plus icon in the Past med Hx block and searching for the diagnosis that you want. You can add one or as many as you want within the same window by using the search bar to find and select additional items as needed. Enter the status of each PMH item and notes, as desired.
  • Right clicking on a diagnosis that has been added to an encounter note and select "Add to PMH".
  • Designating rules to will add certain diagnoses to a patient's PMH block automatically when they are diagnosed in an encounter.
  • Set a document to show in the Past Med Hx block from the document review window by checking the box "Add to Past Med History", then saving.

Edit Past Med Hx Entries

Edit any PMH entry by clicking on that entry in the Past Med Hx block. A window will open that allows you to change the status (active, chronic active, chronic inactive, inactive), add or change notes, or delete the entry.