The Patient Portal Queue displays requests and secure messages coming from the Patient Portal. Expand the Queue by clicking the pop-out button at the top right of the Patient Portal block on the Scheduling page. From there, you can complete a request using the yellow "helper button" to the right, which takes a different action depending on what the patient requested. So, for example, clicking on the helper button beside a prescription refill request opens a new encounter note and adds the requested prescription.

To respond to a request via secure message, click on the secure message icon  to the left of the request.

By default, the patient will be notified by email that she has a secure message waiting in the patient portal and the secure message will be associated with the specific request. But you can override these default settings using the checkboxes provided. Use the drop down menu to indicate whether, when the secure message is sent, the original request should be (a) left open, (b) dismissed as completed, or (c) dismissed because it will not be completed.

Enter text in the Message to Patient: field of the Send a Secure Message pop up. It is easy to review prior messages by clicking the ...Show past correspondence with this patient link at the bottom of the pop up window.

A request is generally open until it is manually archived by clicking on the green icon to archive it as completed, or the red icon to archive it as something that won't be completed (or selecting the appropriate option from the drop down menu in the Send Secure Message pop up).

Dismissing a request puts it in the Patient Portal Archive, which is viewable by clicking on the history icon  in the top right hand corner of the Patient Portal Queue. The Patient Portal Archive is searchable using the search bar provided and archived items are shown by date of request and patient name in reverse chronological order.

Unarchiving Patient Portal Requests