Health Maintenance are rules that you create that apply to patients that match a certain criteria or just for one individual patient. The system will remind you here if they are overdue for something. This is for preventative services such as mammograms, colonoscopies, yearly physicals etc. Reports may also be pulled from here (ie: if you want to know whose overdue for an exam for a specific month of the year and so on)

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View a patient's health maintenance history by clicking on the history icon in the upper right-hand corner of the Health Maintenance block. For each tracker that has been added to a patient's chart, you will see the date of the relevant event, the date added, notes (if any), and who it was added by.

If you ever need to delete a patient's health maintenance history (i.e. the patient gets a hysterectomy and no longer needs tracking for PAP smears), follow the steps above and select the red X on the far right of the applicable tracker.