From the Patient Dashboard, go to the Patient Document Block and right-click on the document you want to fax. Select "Fax this Document" from the listed options, which will open a new tab for you to complete the fax process.

Figure 1

The attached document will be listed at the top of the new tab that appears. You can attach additional documents using the Attach Additional Documents drop down menu provided at the top. 

Enter the intended recipient's fax number in the "Fax will be sent to" field, and then edit your fax cover page as needed by clicking on any text you would like to change. Note that adding additional documents resets the cover page, so any text edits should be made only after all documents you want to send have been attached. Click "Send as Fax" to transmit your document(s) and cover sheet.

Note: There is a 16 MB limit for faxes. If you need to send a larger document you may need to to break it into smaller separate documents or run a compression.

Figure 2