From the Patient Dashboard, go to the Patient Document Block and right-click on the document you want to fax. Select "Fax this Document" from the listed options:

A new tab will open with the fax cover sheet and the selected document attached. From here you have the option to:

  1. Attach additional documents - this will open up a selection of all documents saved to the patient's chart, which you may then check off to include. 
  2. Print the form - this is useful if you are faxing a lab requisition, and would prefer to hand it to the patient rather than fax it to the lab
  3. Select the fax number from the patient's saved preferred pharmacies, labs, or specialists - or enter in a fax number
  4. Choose to send the fax as a "Link to Electronic Download Package" (default), or "Embed Attachments in Fax Message"

Sending the fax as an electronic package is preferred as it will result in fewer failed faxes. Faxes longer than 5 pages should always be sent using the Electronic Package option. This will fax the cover sheet only, which includes directions to download the electronic package:The receiver will visit the URL above (, and they will put in your unique Practice Code and the unique Package ID for that fax

Once they click "Retrieve Package" they will be shown all the documents in the package, which they can click to open up and view, or right-click on to download. 

5. Send as Fax -  Click this button to send the fax!

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