If an attempted fax fails to go through, the system will alert you by opening a new tab called "Errors!" in the System Tasks Block on the Scheduling/Calendar page. If the fax was associated with or sent from a patient's file, an error message will also appear in the "Sent Faxes" tab of the Documents Block on the applicable patient’s dashboard page.

Figure 1

The failed fax record shown in the Errors tab of the System Tasks Block (or the Sent Faxes tab on a patient's dashboard page) will include a summary of the fax (patient, recipient, provider, date) and the error. Hovering your mouse over an entry displays a longer explanation of what caused the error (e.g., line busy, fax interrupted, no dial tone, wrong number).

Figure 2

Click (or right-click) on an entry to view the fax, edit any incorrect information, and resend. You may also use the right-click menu to view a detailed fax transmission error log. Once the fax goes through successfully, use the right click menu to delete the failed fax error message. The Errors tab will disappear from the System Tasks block when all errors have been deleted.

Figure 3

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