Figure 1

When you create a new Rx and click the "+ Complete and Fax to Pharmacy" button, the new tab containing the fax-form may not open due to a built-in pop-up blocker. If this is happening and you are using Chrome, a "Pop-up blocked" warning should appear in the right side of the address bar for a few seconds after you click the "+ Complete and Fax to Pharmacy" button.

Figure 2

After the warning disappears, a small icon will remain. When you hover over the icon it will say, "Pop-ups were blocked on this page."

To prevent this from continuing to happen, click the icon, and select, "Always allow pop-ups from [your EMR URL]." Then click "Done." You will now be able to launch pop-ups and open new tabs without Chrome interference.

Figure 3

Other browsers should show a similar warning in the URL bar and have a similar process for setting the pop-up blocker to allow for pop-ups from your EMR.

Once you've set the pop-up blocker to allow pop-ups from your EMR, you may need to manually create a fax form for the prescription by right-clicking on the prescription and clicking on "Create Faxable Form."