Billing Block - Add Payment

If you use QuickBooks, GnuCash, or any other external billing or accounting software or service to process payments but also want to keep the Billing block within the EMR up-to-date, you can simply add charges and payments to patients' accounts in the EMR as usual. Payment method should be marked as "Other" or "Cash" when a payment or credit is added, and you may add notes to indicate that the payment occurred via your preferred billing service.

So, for example, if you have a charge to a patient's account and want to update the account to reflect the fact that the patient recently paid via your preferred billing service, you would open the Add Payment pop-up by clicking on the plus icon in the Billing Block of the patient's dashboard page and selecting "Add Payment/Credit." Then you would add a payment/credit to the patient's account in the desired amount, designate the payment method as "Cash" or "Other" (whichever your preferred approach) and add notes, if desired.

See also Help: Billing.

Add Payment pop-out