Click here to a view a short video on stocking and dispensing drugs from inventory

To add a drug to your inventory, go to the Admin drop down menu and select My Inventory.

Click + Add New Inventory button and select + Add New Drug (RX) from the options. 

Search for and select the drug you want to add.

If it is a compounded medication (i.e., not part of the standard drug database), then you may need to first add the compound to your prescription medication database

Add the requested information about the medication.

Specific instructions:

  • Nickname(s) - add alternate terms to search for the inventory item, if desired.
  • How Many Doses? - enter the number of doses you are initially adding to your inventory.
  • Expiration Date - the date when the lot expires. The inventory lot will drop off the inventory list after the expiration date has passed.
  • Charge per Dose/ Charge per Dispense - you can charge per dose and/ or per dispense. You will be prompted to add the charge to a patient's account when you dispense the drug from inventory, and can edit the charge amount at that point as well.
  • How should dispensing charges be categorized? (drop-down) - options are set based on what charges are in your charge list. You can use a general Rx Dispense charge, or may want to add specific charges that correspond to specific medications that you want to track separately in your billing reporting.
  • Your cost per dose? (dollar amount) - your wholesale cost of the drug. This is not required, but can be useful to have wholesale costs included on your billing reports.
  • Misc Notes - administrative notes attached to the drug inventory item, which will appear only in the inventory editing window.

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