Screen shot of new drug inventory item

To add a drug to your inventory, go to the Admin drop down menu and select My Inventory. Click the “+ Add New Inventory” button and select “+ Add New Drug (RX)” from the options. Search for and select the drug you want to add from the database.

Generic Drug (check box) – checking this box denotes that the drug you stock is the generic version of a specific brand. Add the brand name(s) to the text box that appears.

NDC Number (formatted number) – universal product identifier for drugs. The NDC number is required and is found on the package.

How Many Doses? (integer) – the number of pills or doses in the lot.

Expiration Date (date) – the date when the lot expires. The inventory item and lot will drop off the inventory list after the expiration date has passed.

Manufacturer (free text box) – manufacturer name.

Lot Number (free text box) – manufacturer's lot number, listed on the package. Required for tracking.

Charges: Two types of charges can be added, per dose and per dispense. You may add one or both. Note that you will be prompted to add the charge to a patient's account when you dispense the drug from inventory, and can edit the amount at that point as well.

  • Charge per Dose (dollar amount) – cost of each dose dispensed. Generally, this is per pill.
  • Charge per Dispense (dollar amount) – cost per dispense to patient.

How should dispensing charges be categorized? (drop-down) – in most cases, select Rx Dispense. Options are set based on what charge types are in your charge list.

Your cost per dose? (dollar amount) – your wholesale cost of the drug. This is not required, but can be useful for reporting and tracking purposes.

Misc Notes (notes field) – administrative notes attached to the drug inventory item.