To restock a drug in your inventory, from the Admin drop down menu, select My Inventory.
In the Manage Inventory pop-up, find the drug you are restocking and click the restock icon in one of the right-hand columns of the entry.

This brings up a Restock pop-up window that is almost identical to the +Add New Inventory Item pop-up used in inventory set-up, but is populated with details from the drug already in your inventory. 

This includes the drug name, NDC number, number of doses, manufacturer, charge profile and notes. 

You can edit these as needed. 

Most importantly, every time you restock you must add two new pieces of information:

  • the new lot's expiration date 
  • lot number.

Press the green Restock to Inventory button to add the new order to your inventory. This will add the number of new doses to the existing inventory. When prescribing, the system will always assume you are dispensing the oldest lot in your inventory first.

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