To add a supplement, hover over the Admin tab at the top of the page, select "Manage..." from the drop-down list, and select "Alternate Plan Options" from the subsequent drop-down list. Click the "+Add New Plan Option" button to add a new supplement to your database.

Screen shot of add supplement pane

Alternate Plan Name - the name of the supplement. This is the name the patient will see when the supplement is prescribed and the supplement will be searchable by name within Cerbo.

Action Type - Select Supplement.

Code/ID# - this is completely optional and rarely used, but you can enter the formal product code, if desired and applicable.

Nickname - if desired, enter alternate names that you might use to search for the supplement.

Description - This description will show when when you hover over the supplement in a patient's chart or supplement search, as well as automatically appear in the Patient Instructions/Notes field (IF alternate instructions are not specified in a Saved Dosing Profile for that supplement).

When finished, click the "Add New Alternate Plan Option" button. A pop-up box will appear to ask if you want to set up a default dosing profile (default brand, strength method, frequency, etc.) for the supplement, or click cancel to skip this step. Note: you can always set (or edit) the default profile for a supplement later, by prescribing the supplement to a patient, entering the desired information, and checking the box to "Save settings as the system default profile".

Setting a Default Supplement Dosing Profile

You can set your default dosing profile:

  • When first adding the supplement to your Alternate Plan Options list (see above)
  • When editing the Supplement in your Alternate Plan Options list, by clicking where it says "The default dosing profile (instructions, amount, brand, etc.) can be set while prescribing/ assigning this to a patient's chart or by clicking here.¬†
  • When prescribing the supplement to a patient, by entering the desired dosing information, and then checking the box at the bottom of the supplement dosing window to "Save settings as the system default profile."

Screen shot of default dosing profile

In the default dosing profile, enter the dosing/ supplement prescription information that you would most commonly use for this supplement. You can always edit the default dosing information when prescribing the supplement to the patient to customize it to their needs or vary the dosing from the default settings.

Note: leave Is Administrative Record unchecked when setting the default profile. When this is checked, it designates that the supplement was not prescribed by the practice, but added as an administrative record of what the patient is taking or has taken in the past.

How do I set up multiple saved dosing profiles for the same supplement?

You can only have one saved dosing profile per supplement (unlike medications, which can have multiple saved dosing profiles). So, to save different dosing profiles for one supplement, you would actually create additional supplement entries in your Alternate Plan Options database for each dosing profile you want to save.