Inventory in MD HQ ties together a prescribable item with a charge, making it simple to prescribe/recommend, dispense, and charge for an item with a few clicks.

To add a supplement to your inventory, click on Admin - Inventory, and then on Add New Inventory Item. You will be prompted to select Medication, Supplement, or any other custom Alternate Plan Types that you have in your system (excluding "Recommendations"). Click on Supplement.

If the supplement you are adding to your inventory is already in your prescribable alternate plan items database, search for it using the search bar on the left. Or, type the name of a new supplement that you want to add to your supplements database and into inventory in the field on the right. Click Add Supplement.

Enter details about your inventory item in the fields provided. Note that the "Misc. Notes" are only visible from within the inventory management screen.

In the "corresponding charge" drop down menu at the bottom, you will be able to select from any charges that have a type of "Supplements" in your charge list. OR, you can select NEW CHARGE TYPE to add a new charge to your charge list. This brings up fields to enter the wholesale cost, retail cost, and sales tax. The name of the new charge in your charge list will be the same as the inventory item name.

Then click Add to Inventory.