You can dispense a supplement from your inventory either from the supplement dosing window when you are prescribing the supplement OR by adding the inventory charge.

Dispense From the Supplement Dosing Window

To dispense a supplement from your inventory from the supplement dosing window, you would start by prescribing the supplement as you normally would (generally, in the Plan section of an open encounter note, but possibly directly via the Supplement block on the patient's dashboard). When searching for a supplement in the smart search bar, your inventoried supplements will show up at the top of the list, with an up arrow inventory dispense icon, as well as the quantity remaining in inventory, shown alongside.

Select the supplement you would like to prescribe and dispense from inventory. At the bottom of the +Complete and Add Supplement for Pt pop-up, an additional +Complete & Dispense (X bottles remaining) button will appear. Otherwise, this window is exactly like the one used to dispense supplements that are not in your inventory.

If you click the +Complete & Dispense button, a new +Add Charge to Pt Account pop-up will appear to add the relevant charge and dispense the supplement from your inventory.

Dispense by Adding the Relevant Charge

Alternately, you can simply prescribe the supplement as usual, clicking "Complete" or "Complete and Add Another" at the bottom of the supplement dosing window to add the supplement to the Plan and the patient's chart. Then you, or another staff member, can come back when checking the patient out, e.g., and add charges for specific supplement inventory items. Generally, this would be done by clicking on the plus icon in the Charges block of the relevant SOAP note (but could also be done by clicking on the plus icon in the yellow Billing block on the patient's dashboard), searching for the inventory charge by name, and then clicking "+ Add Charge" at the bottom of the pop up window that appears to add the charge and dispense from inventory.

Add Charge Pop Up with Dispense Option

Base Charge (currency, integer) – the system loads in the charge associated with the supplement into the base charge currency box. This is editable as needed. The multiplier is for prescribing multiples of a supplement, for example two bottles of Vitamin D. The multiplier affects both the overall charge and the amount of the supplement that is subtracted from the inventory list.

Discount (button, drop down) – the blue +Discount button, when checked, allows you to apply a discount to the charge. The discounts loaded into your system show up in the drop down menu. When selected, they update the total charge.

Associated Code (free text field) – a space to include associated billing codes, if applicable.

Add to Insurance Invoice? (checkbox) – checking this box adds the charge to the patient's insurance invoice.

Dispense/Do not dispense from inventory (checkboxes) – checking the Do not dispense from inventory option will leave your inventory levels the same. Checking the Dispense [amount] from inventory of [supplement] option will subtract the identified amount of the supplement from your inventory.

Choose either the +Add Charge or +Add and Add Another button to finalize the dispense. The first will finalize the charge, the second will finalize the charge and prompt you to start a new charge.