Other products and supplies are items you stock for sale that are not drugs or supplements. Read more about adding drugs or adding supplements to your inventory.

To add other products or supplies to your inventory, you must already have the product in your prescribable Alternate Plan Options database, and your Charge List. So, if it is not in both of those places already, you will need to add it before adding the item to inventory.

Once the item is in your Alternate Plan Options database and Charge list, go to the Admin drop down menu and select My Inventory. Click the "+Add New Inventory" button. Then select from the list that appears the type of product (this list of available inventory types comes from the different prescribable items in your system). Search for the item you would like to add, and select it.

Screenshot add new other inventory item

plan_other Name auto-fills with the name of the Alternate Plan Option that you selected

Enter the number that you have in inventory and, optionally, the package form (bottle, box, etc.), vendor, and vendor/supplier code

Use the Assign Charge search field/drop down to find and select the item charge from your charge list. If you do not see the charge as an option to select in that list, double check in your Charge List (in a separate tab or window so that you don't have to navigate away from the current Add to Inventory window) to make sure that "Is supply/product" is checked for the charge list entry that you are looking for.

If desired, you can put internal notes about the item in the Misc Notes area.

Then click Add To Inventory to add the product into your inventory. Once it has been added, you will be able to dispense the product from inventory either when "prescribing" the linked Alternate Plan Option in the Plan of a SOAP note, or by simply adding the corresponding charge to a patient's account.