To dispense a supply or product (not a medication or supplement see here for help with supplements inventory, and here for help with medications inventory) from your inventory, you can: 

1. "Prescribe" the supply or product within the Plan box of an open encounter note by hovering over the Plan menu and selecting the option to add the type of supply or product you want to dispense. The options shown in the Plan menu will include Prescription RX, Orders, Vaccination, Supplements, as well as any custom Alternate Plan Option types that have been created in your practice (including your custom categories of supplies/products that you carry in inventory). When you select the type of item that you want to dispense, a window will appear with a search bar for you to search for the specific inventory item to "prescribe". Or, if there are a small number of items in that category, they will all be shown as suggestions below the search bar and you can click the one you want to select it. 

When you select a product to add to the Plan, a +Complete and Add window will appear to add any details about the product that you want the patient to see in their encounter summary. You may leave the instructions blank, if desired. At the bottom of that window you will see a button to +Complete (just add it to the plan) or +Complete and Dispense (add it to the plan and bring up the corresponding charge/dispense window).

2. Add the applicable charge and dispense from inventory by clicking on the plus icon either in the Charges/Payments box at the right of an encounter note, or directly in the Billing block on the patient's dashboard.

Screen shot supply dispense charge pop up

The +Add Charge window that appears Base Charge is populated with the charge information from your Charge List. You may edit this information as needed. At the bottom of the window appears a radio option for Do not dispense/ Dispense from inventory - this is toggled to Dispense by default to decrease your inventory by the quantity when you add the charge. 

Click the +Add Charge button to add the charge (and decrease your inventory accordingly).

Note: if you are charging for the item, but not giving it to the patient yet (for example, if you will mail it to them), you can toggle to Do not dispense, then + Add Charge. When you later go to fulfill your paid-for orders, you can first generate an Undispensed Inventory report under Billing > Generate Billing Reports, then dispense items from that list as those orders are filled.