Getting started is as simple as following the three steps under GETTING ENROLLED, but if you want more detailed information about the steps (and timing) involved in customization/configuration and training, see NEXT STEPS and TIMELINE.


  1. Fill out this Getting Started Form for the practice and primary user.
  2. After confirming with you the subscriptions and services that you want and your start date, we'll send over our getting started paperwork (subscription agreement, business associate agreement (BAA), order form) for you to review and sign.
  3. Once you've signed your paperwork, we'll assign you an implementation manager who will start coordinating your onboarding process.


Once you're up and running, we start on configuration and customization! All of the following steps are optional (though some are highly adviseable) and you can absolutely be using the system while we're getting everything configured to fit your needs.

Configuring your Server and Patient Portal

  1. Send us:
    • A reasonably high resolution copy of your logo.
    • Scans or photos of users' signatures who need to be able to sign prescriptions, orders, invoices, - please have each user sign larger than usual in dark ink on light, unlined paper.
    • The URL of the website you want us to "white-label" your Patient Portal to match, if different from the website listed on the initial sign up form.
  2. Integrated incoming fax
    • New fax number - let us know the area code you want.
    • Existing fax number - we can generally port your existing fax number (depending upon your current fax carrier, and note that this process can take up to 8 weeks). We will send you the paperwork needed to get this started.
  3. Intake forms and questionnaires- we can convert paper intake forms, consents, and questionnaires into fillable electronic forms that are accessible via the Patient Portal and import directly into the EMR when filled.
    • Let us know if you would like to use any of our existing forms.
    • And/or send us forms you would like to have converted - original format (e.g., MS Word or similar) strongly preferred.

Setting up Billing

We have two options for processing payments via the EMR, if this is something that you want:

  1. Stripe: Stripe supports only card-not-present transactions (keyed-in and stored cards), but their rates are good for these types of transactions. Stripe set-up instructions are here.
  2. Bluefin: Bluefin is a more traditional merchant services processor (rates depends on card type and whether the card is present for the transaction) but is a better option if you will often process cards in person (better rates using the card-swiper provided by Bluefin). And in general, we've found that Bluefin offers competitive overall rates. Let us know if you would like to be put in touch with someone at Bluefin for a quote.

More information on choosing a merchant services partner can be found here.

Other Preferences

  1. Lab integration: send over a list of any labs that you'd like to integrate with, along with your account numbers. We integrate with a number of national labs and will set up integrations with local labs upon request where possible, but cannot guarantee that integration is an option for your preferred lab(s). But you can always send orders and receive results via integrated fax!
  2. Setting up your charge listsupplements list, and inventory: we'll walk you though how to do this, but if you have something you can export from your accounting, inventory system, etc. into a spreadsheet, we can import these for you.
  3. Document types - send us a list of the categories/tabs that you want for both patient and practice documents. For patient documents, "Labs," "Sent" and "Invoices" are required types. For practice documents "Patient Portal" is a required type.


What follows is a very rough estimated timeline - your timeline will depend upon the amount of customization/configuration to be done, your time available for training and configuration calls with us, and what integrated third party services you want.

Week 1

  • Initial Setup: Once you submit your order form we can generally have your server up (with basic configurations and logos) within 1-2 weeks. Once this is done, you can begin using the EMR and Patient Portal (though we generally recommend you wait to get patients on the Portal until further customizations are made).
  • Importing: If you provide us with spreadsheets of charge lists, inventory, and patient data, we can generally import these for you within the first week, unless it's a particularly large or difficult import. Data import from another EHR timing varies, but generally would happen over a weekend right before a Monday go live date.
  • Fax: We can provision a new integrated incoming fax line and set up integrated outgoing fax for you in 1-3 days. Note that porting an existing number can take much longer - up to 8 weeks for the losing carrier to release the number to us (see the last item on this timeline).

Weeks 2/3

  • Customization done by Cerbo: After the basic build is up, building and uploading your custom questionnaires and styling the patient portal to match your website generally takes 1-2 weeks, though it can be more depending on the number and complexity of forms we need to build.
  • Configuration done by Clinic Staff: As soon as you have login information from us, you can begin logging in and setting up your preferences and available options, including:
  • Merchant Services: As soon as you have Bluefin or Stripe credentials we can activate POS services in the EMR. This can happen in the first week, but it's up to you (in conjunction with the processor you've chosen) to actually set this up and provide us the API keys. Generally this happens in weeks 2-3.
  • Training & Configuration: We have self-serve video and training materials that we encourage users to review right around when they start accessing the EHR for training/ familiarization purposes. Then we recommend scheduling one or more training calls with your implementation manager to occur within the week or two immediately before "go live." For larger teams, we would generally schedule those training calls by user role.

Week 4+

  • Lab Integrations: This piece is highly unpredictable. Depending on which lab partner(s) you're using, these connections can generally be set up in 1-6 weeks, depending on laboratory practices and policies (average is ~2 weeks, but some labs are notoriously slow). If you need us to connect to a lab with is not yet part of our network we will try to work with them, but the timeline is highly variable (generally several months), and there is the possibility that the lab does not support integration with EMRs. Note that you can always send orders via integrated outgoing fax, and receive results via integrated incoming fax (if included in your build) if electronic lab integration is not available.
  • Round 2 Configuration & Training: Once you've been using the EMR and Portal for a while, we can circle back and have another call to review your configuration settings, as well as have another quick training to help optimize your usage of the EMR.
  • Fax Line (if porting your number): porting an existing number can take up to 8 weeks because the losing carrier has to release the number to us. Your line would still be active during this time (though there may be an hour or two of downtime when the line is actually being transferred).