Creating the Lab Requisition Form

Once you have an order in the Plan block of an open SOAP note, you can create a requisition (that you can efax, print, and/or save to share via the Patient Portal) directly from the SOAP note or from the Open Orders block on a patient's chart.

To do this from a SOAP note, simply hover over the Plan block so the drop-down menu appears and select "Fax Orders".  This will create a requisition form with all of the orders listed in the Plan block of a SOAP note.  You can send this directly via efax to an external facility by selecting from the patient's preferred facilities in the drop down menu, searching your laboratories contact list for a lab facility whose fax number you have saved, or typing in a fax number.

You may also (or alternately) print a copy for the patient and/or save a copy to share with the patient via the Patient Portal.

To fax from the Open Orders block of a patient's chart, simply check the box next to the order entries you would like to include, and select "Faxable Form" from the Manage Checked drop down menu from the top of the block. You may similarly fax, print, and/or save and share the resulting requisition.

Separating Orders into Multiple Order Forms

In cases where you need to generate separate order forms for different labs or scans that you have ordered (for example, because the labs or scans need to be sent to different facilities), you can do so from the Open Orders block.

First, make sure the Open Orders block is expanded in the SOAP note (double-click to expand if it's collapsed) or go to the Open Orders block on the patient's chart. Check the orders you want to send to the first location. Using the drop down in the Open Orders header bar, or by right-clicking the selected orders, select the "Create Faxable Form" or "Send Order to [integrated lab]" option. This will create your first requisition. Print, fax, or save the first requisition and then close it.

Next, deselect the previous orders and select the orders for the next location. Create another requisition ("Faxable form") and print, fax, and/or save. Continue until you have created and directed all of the lab orders as needed.

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