Follow the steps below to issue a refund for amounts paid by credit card via Cerbo.

Refund back to the Credit Card

1. Refund the payment

  1. Right-click on the applicable Credit / Payment (NOT the charge) and click "Void or Refund to Card".
  2. You should then be prompted to select Partial Refund or Full Refund. Select the desired option and enter any additional information requested.

2. Adjust specific charge(s) if applicable

When a refund is processed, the system first un-allocates the payment from any charges that had been applied to pay, then processes the refund and adjusts the total payment amount accordingly. If no additional payment should be due on specific charges that were paid by the refunded money once the refund is completed, then you will need to adjust those charge(s) accordingly. You may do this by right-clicking on the charge(s) and selecting Mark as Refunded/Voided.

  • Note: if you are also putting a returned item back in your inventory, you will want to select the option to restock the item to inventory.

***FAQ: Why doesn't the system automatically adjust the charge amount when I refund the payment?

The system does not know if you are refunding the payment, for example, because the patient wants to pay via another card (in which case the original charges should not be adjusted), or because the patient is returning an item for a full refund (in which case the original charge should be adjusted). So the charges are left intact and you choose what to do based on the circumstances of the refund.

3. For a partial refund, re-allocate the non-refunded portion back to outstanding charges

In the case of a partial refund, you may need to take an additional step of re-allocating the part of the payment that was not refunded back to outstanding charges. You can do this by clicking on the plus icon in the Charges block in a SOAP note or in the yellow Billing Block, and selecting "Apply Credit" (if the Apply Credit button is greyed out, it means there is no credit available to apply and this step is not necessary).

Refund via Check

In some cases, you will want to refund the patient via check, rather than refunding their credit card. For example, if the credit card is expired or has been removed from the patient's chart, you cannot issue the refund to the payment card. Follow the below steps to record the check refund in Cerbo. 

1. Look at the specific charges that the refund applies to. If the charge(s) are being refunded in full, then right click on 

2. R

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