To quickly order a lab panel, first create a Chart Part containing all of the labs that are part of the panel. When creating the lab panel chart part, you may also choose to include:

  • A list of the labs that are part of the panel for inclusion in the text of the encounter note
  • One or more diagnoses, if the particular lab panel is always associated with a specific dx
  • One or more charges
  • Other text or actions, as desired


Once created, order the lab panel for a particular patient by typing the name (or one of the nicknames) of the lab panel Chart Part in the main text area of an open encounter note. Select the desired lab panel from the suggestions that appear to the left, and any text from your lab panel chart part will be pushed into the main text area of your note, and the labs, as well as any other actions (dx, charges, etc.) associated with your Chart Part, will appear as suggested actions above the Assessment box on the right-hand side of the note.

Click on any lab to pull up an "Add/Schedule Orders" pop out containing all of the suggested lab orders (or on the red x to the right to dismiss any lab orders that you do not want to include in the specific instance). Once you've added/modified information in this pop out as needed, click the applicable button at the bottom of the pop out to (1) add the orders to the note, (2) add the orders and create a faxable/printable form, or, if applicable (3) add the orders and send to a lab with whom you are set up for electronic lab ordering.