If you were working on an encounter note but later open it and it is blank, don't worry! There is an autosave function that saves the text of your encounter note every minute when changes are occurring.

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If you are not sure what patient it was for, you can start your search in your Task list under Open SOAP Notes. This will show any open/ unsigned encounter notes that you started and/or last edited.

Once you have the encounter note open, you can view your autosaved versions of the text, and recover text as needed, by clicking on the "Autodraft Last Saved" button located under the "Save" and "Save and Sign" buttons.

This opens an Auto-Save History window, which will show minute-by-minute automatically-saved versions of the note's text area, shown in reverse-chronological order. Once you have found the text you want to recover, select it, and copy/ paste back into the main text area of your note.

You can also use Ctrl + S periodically while working in your note to save your progress without needing to specifically click the Save button.

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