Any Alternate Plan Option that is categorized as a "Supplement" is associated with dosing information that you may specify when you are prescribing the supplement and/or by saving a dosing profile in advance. You can either specify your directions in a free text form, or in the "Expanded Regimen" where you can specify detailed instructions for the patient.

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How to Save a Profile

To save a dosing profile to a supplement, go to Admin -> Manage -> Alternate Plan Items. You can either search for the supplement or click to add a new item of type "Supplement". Once you click on the supplement, click the orange button to set the default  dosing profile. 

You can also save multiple dosing profiles when you add a supplement to the patients plan or supplements block. Just check the checkbox at the bottom to save as a profile, you can then give it a name and select if it should be default or secondary, and if it should be available to all users, or just for your user:

Fields in the Profile:

Administrative Record (checkbox) – if checked, this designates that the action item was not prescribed by the practice, but added as an administrative record of what the patient is taking. Should be unchecked in the default profile.

Brand (free text field) – preferred brand name of supplement (if applicable).

Strength (free text field) – preferred dose strength (if applicable).

Method (free text field) – action item delivery method (e.g., "Oral" "Topical", etc.).

Freq (drop down menu) – how often the patient should take the supplement.. If the desired option is not in the drop down menu, select “PRN (as needed)” and enter special instructions in the Instructions to Patient field.

Total Doses (integer) – total number of doses (if applicable). For example, if the supplement is a tablet that comes in bottles of 120, and the patient takes two tablets once a day, there would be 60 doses (of two tablets each) in the prescription.

Expires (Days) (integer) – the number of days after the supplement is prescribed that it would be expected to run out. To calculate the expiration, enter the Freq. and Total Doses and click on the calculator button. You can also enter "0" here to add the supplement with no expiration date.

Instructions to Patient (notes field) – instructions for the patient. Enter if needed or leave blank. This field will automatically pull in the Description from the original entry in the Alternate Plan Options database UNLESS alternate text (or a blank instructions field) is saved in the default profile.

Click Expanded Regimen to access the expanded dosing instructions: 

You can add in specific instructions here for when and how patients should take the supplement.

Patients' View

Patients will be able to see the dosing information that you save for their supplements in the Supplements tab of their patient portal, as well as in the encounter summary that the supplement was prescribed in. 
Supplements page:

Patients can click each supplement to view their instructions. If you have included detailed dosing instructions, they can click to "View My Daily Supplement Regimen":

Within the Visit Summaries: