To set up your Twilio account with MD HQ, go to Twilio's site and set up your account.  If you are unsure how to answer the initial setup questions, here are some hints:

  • Which product do you plan to use first? Select "SMS"
  • What are you building? Select "Other"
  • Choose your language. Select "I'm not a developer"

Once your account is active, make sure to set up a number.  The number should be capable of sending voice, SMS and MMS messages.

Once your number is set up, there are two remaining steps.  First, send us your account information.  Second, configure Twilio on your side.

Step 1: Send us your Twilio information

We need two items from you to set up the Twilio integration in MD HQ.  They are:

  • Your Account Security ID
  • Your Authentication Token

Step 2: Configure your Twilio account

 go to the Console in Twilio and select "All Products & Services".


Once there, select the Phone Numbers option.


In the Phone Numbers window, click your phone number to edit its settings.


The last step is to add webhooks, which will let Twilio alert MD HQ to new calls/messages.  There are three to add: incoming calls, call status changes, and incoming messages.  Use the links below, replacing [yourURL] with your MD HQ URL.

Incoming calls: https://[yourURL]

Call status changes: https://[yourURL]

Incoming messages: https://[yourURL]


Then save and let us know everything is set up.

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