To set up your Twilio account with Cerbo, go to Twilio's site and set up your account. Answer the initial questions as follows:

For the final question, your goal is "3rd Party Integration"

Once you are logged in, you will need to upgrade your account to be able to buy a number.  

Click Upgrade to upgrade and fund your account (the money you deposit will be used to pay the fees per SMS or Call (at the time of this writing $.75 per 100 SMS messages and/or calling starting at $0.0085/min to receive and $0.013/min to place).

Once your account is upgraded, make sure to set up a number.  The number should be capable of sending voice, SMS and MMS messages.

Once your number is set up, there are two remaining steps.  First, send us your account information.  Second, configure Twilio on your side.

Step 1: Send us your Twilio information

We need the following items from you to set up the Twilio integration in Cerbo.  They are:

  1. Security ID
  2. Authentication Token (help with where to find these in Twilio is here)
  3. The Twilio Phone Number(s)

To share those with us, you can email or post the information on a sticky note in John Doe's chart and then let us know at to go and retrieve that information.

Step 2: Configure your Twilio account

On the right side go to Account > General Settings:


Select the link to the Auth tokens & keys page:


Do not email Cerbo these credentials Once you have posted the information on a sticky note in John Doe's chart, please email to let us know and we will enable your Twilio integration. 

The last step is to configure webhooks, which will let Twilio alert Cerbo to new calls/messages.  There are three to add: incoming calls, call status changes, and incoming messages.  Use the links below, replacing [yourURL] with your Cerbo URL.

  • Incoming calls:             https://[yourURL]
  • Call status changes:     https://[yourURL]
  • Incoming messages:    https://[yourURL]

On the left side of your Twilio account console, in the "Develop" tab go to Phone Numbers > Manage > Active numbers and click on the number(s) that you'll be using with Cerbo to set the webhooks.

A support representative will let you know when the integration is activated. Then you'll be able to configure your phone numbers under Admin > Manage > Integrations > Twilio and start using them.

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