You can set Cerbo up so that specific patient's charges are paid by a group or corporate account. This is most commonly-used by DPC practices that have a provider relationship with an employer group to provide services to employees.

Set up your group/ corporate accounts under Admin > Manage > Group/ Corporate Accounts.

Once they are created, the system will automatically generate a group-specific new patient online registration link. This would be the link that participating employees/ group members would use to sign up with you and create their patient account. Generally, the sponsoring company would send that link to its participating employees/ group members. You can find the group-specific new patient online registration link at the top of the Edit Group Account window for that group.

Alternately, you can manually add a patient and associate them with the group billing account within the Billing tab of that patient's Patient Information window.

Covered Charges

Once you have an account set up, you can set which charges the company will pay on behalf of participating employees/ group members.  This can include a set monthly subscription fee per group member, as well as any charges within specific charge categories from your Charge List.

You would then add charges to the patient's account as usual. If you have specified that specific charge categories are covered by the group account, then any charges in those categories would appear in the patient's chart for reference, but the amount would be applied to the group account, rather than to the patient's balance. 

Other charges (i.e., that are in Charge Categories that are NOT Covered Billing Categories for that group) that are added to the patient's account would apply to the patient balance, not the group account. So you can bill patients directly for ancillary/ uncovered services and products

Billing the Payor Group

Billing the group/ corporate accounts for amounts due on behalf of group members is done via manually-created invoices. 

  • To generate a group invoice, go to Admin > Manage... > Group/Corporate Accounts, and click on the invoice (folder) icon at the far right-hand side of the company name.  
  • Set the date range to include on the invoice, and generate the invoice.
  • The invoice will display included charge types in columns, and participating group members in rows. At the bottom of the invoice, you can see totals by charge category and overall.