You can track in-house test results (or manually record discrete results for non-integrated labs such as UA's, hemotocrit, ect) in MD HQ by attaching them to lab orders in the Open Orders block of a patient's chart.

First, make sure to add the test to the patient's Plan as you would add any lab order.


Conduct the test in-house.  When you have results, go to the patient's Open Orders block, where the test will be listed, and click on the name of the test.


This will open up a new screen where you can configure and add results.  The first time you open this screen for a specific test, there will be no lab fields listed on the left-hand side in the "Specific Results" block.  You can add these fields by click the green "+ Add Field" link.


Clicking the "+ Add Field" link will let you search the lab field database for the fields appropriate to the test.  Selecting a lab field from the search will append it to the Add Results window, and you can add as many lab fields as you need.  Once you add these fields to the results of a specific test, they will appear next time you try to add results for that test (regardless of patient).  Please contact us if you can not find an appropriate lab field in the database. 


After you add lab fields to the list, you can add in the patient's results in the boxes provided, checking the box on the right side of the entry if results are abnormal.  Then, if you would like, add any notes to the right-hand side of the page and check the "Save copy of results as report" checkbox to generate a document to save in the patients chart.  Once you click the "+ Add These Results" button at the bottom of the page, the results will be recorded in MD HQ and the document, if you chose to create it, will save to the patient's chart.

To see lab values that have been entered, hit the graphing icon at the top of the Open Orders block.  GraphingIcon.PNG  This will let you review and graph all lab results that have been entered for the patient - either manually from in-house tests as described above, or from data that enters the system from HL-7-based lab integration feeds.  Choose the field you would like to graph, and view the results.


Once you have added all the lab fields associated with the Lab (IE for UA: protein, color, nitrates, ect) , they will be in there thence forward as the defaults so you will not need to enter each value the next time but they will enter as the block you defined the first time you ran the test.

In addition to using this feature for tracking results of in-house tests, you can also record results for tests that are done off-site, but do not enter the system as structured data from our lab integrations.  Other in house labs some practices have found helpful to track may be hemotocrits, blood sugar, or specialized labs that are specific to you practice but are not with labs MDHQ integrates with.