To create your template message, click on Admin --> Manage --> Chart Parts, and select Add New.
  • Add the name without spaces (you may use underscores, hyphens, or capitalization to separate words) that you will use to call up the template message.
  • Add nicknames, if desired. These will be alternate words you can use to search for your template message. For convenience, you might include a common nickname in all of your template messages so that you can pull up and see all available template messages by typing that common nickname.
  • Enter the text of your message in the "Text to be Inserted" field.
    • NOTE that you can add the specific patient's name as a text variable - click on View Available Variables at the upper right of the message pane to see text variables, and click on the desired variable to insert it into your message.
  • Ignore the Actions part at the bottom - this is for charting templates only.
  • Click +Add.

To insert your template message into an email or secure message, simply start typing the name or nickname into the body of the email or secure message, and select from the list of suggested matches that appear to the left.