When you integrate a Twilio account with Cerbo, you can manage how incoming and outgoing calls and texts are treated by the system.

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Your Twilio number will mask the phone numbers from which you send calls and texts, and will also allow you to specify different endpoints for calls/texts received during the workday than from calls/texts received after hours.  This lets you use a personal number and phone to connect, while hiding that number from patients.

Read more on what's needed to set up the Twilio integration here.

To manage your Twilio integration, simply go to the Admin drop down menu > select "Manage" > select "Integrations", and then scroll to the Twilio section and you should see a "Manage Phone Numbers" option here.  You will be prompted to select the Twilio number you would like to manage.  Next, a large dialogue will let you set your call and text handling for the system.  You can set the number you would like patients to see when you call or text.  You can also set the number you would like incoming calls or texts to forward to during and after business hours.  The last main section lets you define your business hours.

Once you have your settings ready, it is easy to use Twilio to connect with patients.  You will receive incoming calls and messages directly on the phone line you specify.  For outgoing calls or texts, simply click on the patient's phone number in their chart (in the Patient Info block). A "Make Call or Send Text" dialogue will appear.

To make a phone call, specify the line you will be calling from as well as the number of the patient.  Then, Twilio will call your phone.  Once you pick up, it will ring to the patient's number and you will be connected like normal.

To send a text, simply set the patient's number and the correct Twilio account, and type your message directly into the dialogue.  It will send directly to the patient.