Form Not Submitting/ Save and Continue Later not working

    1. And it is a form that was just added:

        Confirm values in hidden input at bottom of form matches up with the actual filename

        e.g. food_survey.php should have <input type="hidden" name="questionnaire" value="food_survey" /> at the bottom

    2. And it is a form that has successfully submitted in the past. If a form is begun in the office with the doctor (so they logged into the portal directly from the patient's chart "login as patient") and then saved and completed later by the patient by logging into the portal directly, the authentication tokens don't match up so you wont be able to submit

            a. To submit for the patient, open another form in the portal, copy the authentication token (you will have to view the source code to find this value) and then edit the HTML of the broken form using firebug/etc and paste this authentication token in and hit submit, this should do the trick

SAVED FORM BUT IT ISNT SHOWING WHEN REOPEN (Save and Continue Later Button not working)

Make sure this is in the top php tag after the require_once lines: 

        $questionnaire = get_saved_questionnaire($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'], $_SESSION['PT_USER_ID']);

Make sure this is at the beggining of the form, immediately after the form open tag and right before the first div:

        <?php if ($questionnaire != ''): ?>
        <?=$questionnaire['form']; ?>
         <?php else:  ?>

Make sure the bottom of the form, after the hidden inputs, looks like:

     <?php endif; ?>