When checking out a patient you're generally going to be adding charges to their account before taking payment. This is normally done by adding individual charges to their SOAP note or dashboard.

However, if you have large numbers of charges to add then this process can be tedious. Cerbo has two methods of bulk-adding charges to a patient's account:

  1. Using chart-parts: By creating groups of charges using the "actions" section of Chart Part templates you can simply type the template's name into the body of the SOAP note and it will suggest all the charges you might want to add. This generally works best if the provider is adding the charges (rather than the front desk) or if the provider rarely signs the note before the front desk checks out the patient.

  2. Using group-charges: You can also create clusters of charges (group charges) which can be used to pull multiple individual charges into a patient's account. The details of this are highlighted below:

To set up a group charge go to Admin > Manage > Charge List and press the green button at the top to "Add New Charge Group" to pop up this window:

Use the "Assign Charge" search input to search for individual charges that you want included in your charge group (the charges must have been created as standard individual charges first before they can be assigned to a charge group). You can add up to 50 charges in a group, and the same charge can be in the group multiple times. One other thing to note is that you can pre-asssign a discount that will apply to all the charges in the group. This can be useful if you're selling a package that entitle the patient to a discount if they purchase the whole package but you should keep in mind that if the discount you apply is a fixed-value discount (i.e. $50.00) instead of a percent, each charge in the group will be discounted by that amount. This means that if you apply a $50.00 discount to 5 charges, the total discount could be up to $250.00. 

Once you're done setting the charges and discount just click the green button to add the charge group.

Once the charge group is created you can then search for it just like you would a normal charge when applying charges to a patient's account. Once selected it will expand into a list of all included charges where you can apply discounts or otherwise modify the charges before accepting them into the patient's account. Note that group-charges can also be used when creating Estimated Charges.