There are circumstances where you will want to quickly add more than one charge together as a group. You can do that in Cerbo by setting up Charge Groups, or using Chart Parts.



If certain individual charges are often added together, it can be tedious to have to add them one by one each time. Fortunately, you can create charge groups that consist of individual charges in your charge list to be able to quickly add all of those at once. Charge groups can also have a default discount, for example if a discount is applicable when the patient buys a set of 10 visits in advance. 

  • Chart Parts can also be used to quickly add multiple individual charges, but do not have the option to apply a default discount. And Chart Parts can only be used inside of an encounter note.

 To set up a charge group, go to Admin > Manage > Charge List and click on the green button at the top to "Add New Charge Group."

The charge group name is how you will search for this charge group to add it to a patient's chart. 
  • You will want to be descriptive enough in the name to differentiate the charge group from related individual charges, and potentially to indicate what's included in the group if there may otherwise be ambiguity for checkout staff.
  • Nicknames are just alternate search terms.

The Description is an internal-use field, which is visible when hovering over the charge group in the charge search, or editing the charge group.

The discount to assign to the group, if any is specified, will apply to each individual charge in the group when the group is added to the patient's account. So a percentage discount works well, whereas a dollar value discount is trickier. If using a dollar value discount, you would need to create a discount (see Add Discounts) with the desired dollar value discount, divided by the number of charges in the group.

Use the "Assign Charge" search input to search for the individual charges from your Charge List that you want included in your charge group.

  • The charges must be created as individual charges first before they can be assigned to a charge group.
  • You can add up to 50 charges in a group, and the same charge can be in the group multiple times. 

Once the charge group is created you can search for it just like you would a single charge when adding charges to a patient's account. Once selected it will expand into a list of all included charges where you can apply discounts or otherwise modify the charges before accepting them into the patient's account. 

Note that charge groups come in especially handy when using Estimated Charges to track prepaid package billing.