You can view a short video here on Using the Cerbo Inventory Change Log to Audit Stock Discrepancies

If your inventory dispense history shows that more items are dispensed than are shown in the patient's charges/billing history, the likely issue is that an inventory charge was added, and the item was dispensed from inventory, then the charge was deleted from the patient's chart, but the deleting user didn't click the button to restock the sold inventory item.

If a charge is deleted, but the button is not clicked to restock/adjust the associated inventory item, it is as if the patient is keeping or throwing away the originally dispensed item. To restock the item into inventory when deleting, you would click that button to restock and press the "Restock All" button on the subsequent screen, which will reverse the dispense action.

If the charge was already deleted and you need to just delete the dispense record to reflect that the item is back in inventory, you can do that from the inventory item's Dispense History accessed under Admin > My Inventory by clicking the History icon to the right of the item:

Within the dispense history, click Edit to the right of a particular dispense record to change the amount dispensed or delete the dispense record. 

Within the Edit Prior Dispensing window, you can:

  • Change the number of items dispensed by updating the number and clicking the Edit button
  • Delete the dispense entry and add the originally dispensed item(s) back into inventory by clicking the Restock All button.

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